Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Good Morning!

Thought I would share this pic with you taken while DH and I were out on this past Sunday.  My first attempt at blocking out details in a pic before posting.  The blocked items were political posters.  Nuff said...

Isn't this a neat quilt block?

Currently under my needle (literally) is an overdue project for my Mom-in-law.  Will post pics when it is completed.  I want to surprise her.

Today also marks the 15th anniversary of my own Mom's passing.  Hard to believe it is that long already.  My Dad, 30 years this past June.  Where did all that time go?  On occasion, I wonder what those who have gone before us would say about current events, technology, etc.,.  Probably no different in some respects to the changing of ages throughout history.  Each generation has no doubt shook their heads over "crazes."

I miss my Mom and my Dad.  They were good people.  Hard working.  Old fashioned family values and morals.  Mom worked in her earlier years at various jobs, then, after having children, became a full-time homemaker.  Dad was a tool and die maker and all around handyman.

Mom taught me needlework skills for which I will always be grateful.  I did take some courses here and there, but, the foundation began as a little girl watching my Mom sew, crochet and knit.  Fortunately, Mom was still able to crochet almost up to the end of her life (age 85).  She had crocheted many afghans of various sizes.  The surplus was donated to a local charity.

Well, friends, have a good day.  Blessings.