Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Good Morning!

Looking back at some older pictures, I came across one from a visit to a museum in South Carolina in 2014. This is a shawl with a Paisley border, probably from Europe, 1800's.

Until a few years ago, I did not even realize that I had acquired a varied assortment of items bearing the Paisley design.  It was one of the "ah ha" moments.  Purses, shirts, fabric...Paisley.  Now that I am aware of the attraction, I am drawn to it even more.

So, how does that happen?  What part of our brain or what influence triggers us to gravitate towards certain patterns, designs, colors?  Experiences?  Generational or ethnic traditions?  These shawls have a history of being made in Scotland.  I do have Scottish ancestry.

The more I interact with textiles, I grow more aware of a kinship, a "oneness" with the fibers.  Threads are not just "string."  Rthymic flow of thread through fabric.  Peaks and valleys as the needle enters and exits, like our lives.  We are the thread winding our way through life's paths.  Connecting with other souls, some, joining with us as the journey continues.

Maybe, Paisley is contained wanderings.  A journey experienced and, then, contained.

I am happy to be contained with the people I have come to know on this journey.  Have a blessed day friends.