Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Good Wednesday Morning.

As always, hope all is well with you.

Here is the updated version of the Kathy Tracy Mystery Quilt Block  

The block comes together quickly - 

My story cloth is still in a state of flux.  I decided to perform a redoux for February.  I love hearts and how appropriate for this month.  So, here is a snippet:

Since I hand cut the hearts, they wind up in various sizes and shapes.  That's ok - as long as they are filled with love and compassion, that is what matters most.

  Sending you and yours blessings.  ­čĺô

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Good Wednesday evening...

Hope you are all well.

Unfortunately, I am still behind on the story cloth (sigh).

I did complete the second block of the Scrappy Stars Quilt (Kathy Tracy pattern).

Must learn how to take better pictures!  The fabric next to the yellow is actually gray.

In my prior post, I mentioned that I had the chance to attend Kathy Tracy's book signing and trunk show at the Quilt Merchant quilt shop in Winfield IL
Kathy's quilts are simply lovely.

The Quilt Merchant is a great shop.  The Proprietress, Val is so sweet.

That's it for today.  Another project looming in the background is a quilt my MIL began back in the 1970's.  She handpieced the blocks (all 27 of them, so, 5 across, 5 top to bottom and 2 pillows).  This is a very large quilt.  With sashings, the blocks measure about 16.5 inches square.  I decided to use the quilt as you go method as its just way too huge for me to handle on my sewing machine.  I am hoping to get this project wrapped up in time for her birthday on March 20.  More to follow.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Good Sunday To All...

Hope all is well.  Here in IL, we have a blustery day.  Temps in the 40's, but, feels colder.

Last week, DH and I took a day trip to downtown Chicago via the train, approximately one hour each way.  Too frenetic to drive and park down there.  The day was spent at the Art Institute.  For a certain period of time during the months of January and February, admission is free during the week.  Good savings as admission is 22.00 each.

Many exhibits, of course and, despite the early arrival, time was limited as the Institute is huge.  Also, any exhibits in the lower level dictated going up and down staircases or elevators back and forth between floors as each section of the lower level is not connected to one another.  Seems strange.  Hopefully, one of these days, they will find a way (and revenue?) to make the entire lower level a more practical and accessible experience.

Here is just a glimpse of some of the Asian exhibits, Early Americas exhibits:

I attempted to photograph the signs to explain the exhibit.  Pardon the shoes.

The next pic is of one of the walls in the Institute.  Love the shell impressions!

My very favorite exhibit was the Doll House collection  There were more to be seen, but, I took pics of the ones that caught my eye the most.  The lighting was a bit scarce in there.  

In order to take in all the teeny, tiny details, you would have to spend hours there just to take it all in.  Can you imagine all the hours it took?  A definite labor of love.

In Wednesday's blog, there was mention of a possible update on the story cloth.  Although a few more background patches were prepared, the actual patches are still in progress.  Hopefully, this coming Wednesday.

Oh, by the way, I did attend Kathy Tracy's trunk show yesterday at the Quilt Merchant in Winfield, IL.  Will post about the event on Wednesday.

Til we meet again, blessings.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Good Wednesday Evening...

As always, I hope all is well.  Tonight, I am sharing another project which I started a few days ago.  

This is a block in progress from Kathy Tracy's book "Remembering Adelia."  The pattern, Scrappy Star Quilt.  Kathy's patterns are well detailed and easy to follow.  I have all of Kathy's books and a number of stand alone patterns.  I have also had the privilege of spending some time with Kathy during class, trunk shows, meeting along the way and dining.  She is so down-to-earth.  Love ya, Kathy!

The block is almost complete.  Not sure about you, but, I seem to have a deficit when it comes to bias blocks (entirely my goof and no reflection of quilt designers).  Just when I think I have it clinched, zap!  Rip, rip, rip.  Good thing I have one of those handy ergonomic seam rippers.  

Oh, by the way, one of the great things about this pattern is that there are no set-in seams for the Lemoyne Star.  Half square triangles make this star come together without trying to get all those little intersections to get along with each other.  If I do a set-in seam, I try to do it by hand piecing.  Much easier for me to handle then on a sewing machine.  

Well, I will close for now.  I'll be back on Sunday.  Hopefully, I will have an update on the story cloth.  Take care.  Blessings to all.  

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Hi on Sunday evening

Hope this finds you all well.  Here are a few pics to share with you.  The first is a block completed for Kathy Tracy's Mystery Quilt

As you know, I started my 60th year story cloth.  Well, its in bits and pieces and a row here and there. So, what I decided to do for now is to show what I have assembled for February 01-05.  Will show older patches later on.

Since this is February and Valentine's Day is approaching, I decided to include many hearts.  The first patch is, of course, a free hand heart, followed by a "time patch."  It is a wooden clock charm/finding with a faux pearl button in the middle.  After all, time is something to be treasured and shared with loved ones.   The fourth patch is a little twig which I found somewhere and thought it remarkable in shape.  It is sewn between two more free hand hearts.

The twig reminds me of a leg and foot when I see it above.  Vicky from recently included a twig in her patchwork.  Sometimes sticks speak!

I have been finding myself picking up little findings here and there which I would have not thought twice about before I started these patches and have been reading more and more textile blogs.  What draws our attention to these findings?  Where we are at, who we are with, the weather, a celebration, an emotion?

There are more findings which will be included in the patches.  One of them, is a tiny rubber wheel which must have fallen off a toy car.  It "spoke" to me.  It said "pick me up."  So, I picked the wee wheel up and saved it for "some day."

What speaks to you?  A twig, a tiny car wheel, a lacy leaf, smooth stones or rocks.  Perhaps a rusty washer, a lone button, a torn piece of cloth?

If only they could talk and tell us where they came from and why they were waiting on our paths just in time for us to walk by and be noticed.

Have a good night.  See you back here on Wednesday.  Blessings.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Good Wednesday Morning!

Today, I am showing the January 2017 quilt project from Kathy Tracy's Small Group Challenge for January 2017  This sweet quilt is titled "Be My Little Valentine."

The only things I tweeked in this pattern were to use flannel instead of batting and, self binding rather than a separate strip of binding.

Is anyone else working on a Valentine craft?

Oh, by the way, Mr. Sunshine has appeared, albeit briefly, the past few days.  That is a good thing!

Have a blessed day.