Friday, January 13, 2017

Good Morning (almost afternoon here).  Hope you are all having a good week.  Have been a bit slow on blogging.  Slug.

In reading comments on Hunter's blog, I decided to join forces with Liz A and Liz D and show my version of organized (ahem) thread:

Occasionally, I do entertain the thought of winding the threads on appropriate devices.  Then, I tell myself that I could be sewing instead of organizing.  Ha!

My story cloth is behind.  The picture below is of the first 10 days of January.  Lots to catch up on for end of November thru end of December.  It will get done, eventually.

The pic below is a small quilt I am working on from Kathy Tracy's latest book "Small and Scrappy."  A lovely book by a lovely lady.

I am also behind on the 1 year of stitches project.  Ho hum.  I might just post about it here rather than follow the rest of the group.  So me, not following all the rules.  The older I get, the more flexible (in some ways!) I become.  Often, I like to dip my toe in the pool, but, find myself admiring the others from a distance.  Its suppose to be fun, enjoyable and fulfilling, right?

Anyway, you all inspire me more than I can say.  My Kindred Spirits.  Weaving the paths with all of you.  I count myself blessed.

Sending you all a great big hug filled with gratitude, admiration, kinship, love and peace.