Saturday, December 10, 2016

Seventeen Days, Sixteen Nights and 3,143 miles...

DH and I returned a few days ago from an extended road trip.  When we started out, we had a sketchy idea of how long we would be away from home and several ideas as to which direction we would head.  

The first six days of the trip were spent in Pensacola FL, where we celebrated Thanksgiving with DH's Aunt A.  Lots of eating, sitting, visiting, eating, sitting...well, you get the picture.  While in Pensacola, we visited a favorite antique mall milesantiquemall.  Purchased a few odds and ends.  Oh, by the way, we did have lunch at a favorite spot in Pensacola (wonderful Grouper and smoked gouda grits)  Here are pics of the Christmas tree outside the restaurant:

Six days flew by before we knew it.  On Nov 28, my 60th birthday, we headed west.  More to share in next post.  
Snow predicted here in IL - possibly 2-8 inches depending on path.  That is 2-8 inches more than we want.  Gratefully, we did not have to deal with snow or inclement weather while on the road.  Blessings for sure.

Bless you all!