Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Good Morning,

This morning, my husband and I attended a funeral Mass for a lady whom we never met.  Let me preface the following by stating that neither of us did this to win accolades.  The Pastor sent an e-mail to the congregation explaining that Mary, age 87, died with only one surviving relative, a cousin, who was unable to attend the service.  Nothing more was known about Mary, other than that Mary's Mother was buried from this same Church 12 years ago (the only connection spoken of).  My husband and I felt sorry for this woman, bringing to light that, this could very well be us one day.

When the priest began Mass, he thanked the attendees, perhaps thirty in total, for coming to celebrate her life and journey to the Lord.  It gave dignity to this woman.  She was not forgotten.  All that attended were considered brothers and sisters.  We belong to each other in some form.

Mary was cremated.  At the end of the Mass, the congregation filed alongside the baptismal font, making a sign of the Cross over the beautiful, wooden box which held Mary's ashes.

I am so glad that my husband and I attended.  We were "called" to walk beside Mary along this path of her life.  We hope to meet her someday. God Bless You Mary.

May you all be blessed today and always.  Treasure who you have.  I have come to call you, my fellow bloggers,  friends.  Even though I have never met most of you face-to-face (yet!), I have come to know your hearts.  You continue to share your time, talent and treasure.  I am happy to call you friend.