Friday, October 28, 2016

Hi Everyone!

Hope today finds you and yours well.

Today, I finished my quilt top from  Lori's Madder Quilt SAL.  Here is a picture of the top, which has a few boo boos; however, I am OK with the boo boos.  Really lending itself to the homemade - make do approach!  While I was ironing the top, I thought to myself, each item I make is one more lesson in how to improve or accept the outcome.

My husband is very supportive of my hobbies, thank you Frank!  He reminds me every so often that this is something to be enjoyed; not a chore.

One of my other favorite past times is reading mysteries.  My dear friend, Liz D, has introduced me to a number of great series.  Today, I will start reading the most recent installment  Sheila Connolly's Orchard Series.  The title of this book is "Seeds of Deception."  Nearly finished with Ann Cleeves  Vera Stanhope Series, most recent book "Moth Catcher."

Does anyone else find that in reading books in series, you become familiar with characters who are a constant in each installment, then, missing them when the series is awaiting the next installment or has reached its final chapter?  I hope I'm not alone!  There are other series which I will comment on going forward.

It's a beautiful Autumn day here in Illinois.  Chilly at 50, a bit windy, but, sunny.  I will gladly take this weather.

Have a great day.  Be well.  Be happy.  Be safe.  Blessings from my threads to yours.