Saturday, October 22, 2016

Happy Saturday!

Hope this finds you all well.

Today, I am sharing two works in progress.  The first one is  Maggie Bonanomi's "Turkey Lurkey" piece nearly finished last year.  Not sure if it will be a pillow or a wall hanging?  Maggie has great designs and patterns.  Have most of her books.  Love her work and style.

The second piece is my own creation titled "It Takes A Village."  Started with weaving strips of fabric ala Jude Hill , adding Sari remnants and various embellishments collected over the years.  Eventually, I want to add trees, flowers and pottery?  

This abstract style of artwork is so new to me.  For years, I have been sewing pieces and quilts which had a distinct form.  Quilt blocks which followed a set pattern.  Measured and cut with rulers and rotary cutters.  To  tear the fabric or cut with abandon is so foreign to me.  BUT, I want to learn this style.  Almost like dipping your toe into a pool of water and then shrugging and diving in.   

While I still love the traditional style of sewing quilts and follow numerous designers, some of whom have become good friends, I find myself spending time on line with the Artists who dance to a different drum.  Checking out books from the local Library to study different techniques, watching tutorials.  Then, I pick up a pad of paper and a pencil and I start drawing and erasing and erasing...

Maybe I should stick with "things" instead of people!  Have a good, creative day!