Saturday, December 17, 2016

Great Expectations...

Not the book.  Not the movie.  Great Expectations of the holiday season which I struggle with each year.

Self imposed, familial, social.  Although I have always loved Christmas and, as an adult, became more and more aware of the Reason for the Season, the "struggle"  lies within.

Yes, I realize that I cannot please everyone.  Ha!  It is the time for families to draw near.  Unfortunately, its not always Currier and Ives or Norman Rockwell, is it?  I tell myself, its two days out of the year to grin and bear it  Expectations!  More considerations.  More "zip my lip."  I am far from perfect.  Expectations...

No doubt, others feel this way when including me in their plans.  Ho Ho Ho!

So, here is my little sunshine patch from Jude Hill's shop, using / technique for face details.  As many times as I have looked at his face, I cannot quite define the expression.

Today, I think he is pondering about Expectations.

Have a Blessed Day!